Faculty and Staff Directory
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Alcorn, Ann Reading Lab [email protected]  26306
Baker, Angela  Instructional Assistant [email protected]   26112

Bohl, Brenda

Science - Windjammers

[email protected]

Bowling, Pam Special Education  [email protected]  26308
Bowman, Elizabeth Special Ed. Instructional Asst. [email protected]  26112
Brooks, Lindsey Science - Diamonds [email protected]  26206
Buckler, Jackie Custodian

[email protected]

Burkhead, Rachelle
8th Gr. PE  [email protected]
Cafeteria     26234
Carroll, Kim Math - Windjammers [email protected] 26209 
Carsey, Kyle FACS - 7th grade [email protected] 26118
Clark, Kaitlyn Instructional Aide [email protected] 26203
Clifford, Jennifer Choir [email protected]  26121

Clifford, Nancy


[email protected]

Counceller,Michelle Bookkeeper [email protected]  26321
Cox, Mark Custodian [email protected]
Davidson, Terry ISS Assistant [email protected]  26113

Denham, Beth


[email protected]


Dierckman, Carole

Language Arts- Diamonds

[email protected]

Dolfi, Adam Band and Music [email protected]  26123
Durstine, Megan Special Education, Life Skills [email protected]   26112
Elleman, Tony Assistant Principal  [email protected]  26322
Farthing, Paula Social Studies - Windjammers [email protected]  26207

Gansert, Donna

Secretary - Media Center

[email protected]

Gibbs, Bob P.E. Assistant [email protected]  26137
Gray, Scott
Head Custodian
[email protected]  26681
Greeson, Chris Art
[email protected]  26122
Hafertepen, Matt Social Studies, Diamonds [email protected]   26216

Harris, John

Science - Race Cars

[email protected]

Hartle, Jessica Math - Diamonds [email protected]  26213
Holmlund, Michelle Instructional Assistant [email protected]  26313
Hornsby, Derek
Computer Applications - 7th Grade
[email protected]
Hurd, Clay Social Studies - Race Cars [email protected]  26301

Isaac, Sandy

Math Lab

[email protected]

Isaacs, Taylor Instructional Assistant [email protected]  
Jackson, Kisha
Secretary [email protected]  26300
Keasling, Kaela Special Ed. Instructional Asst. [email protected]  26112
King, Amy Math Enrichment [email protected]  26302
Ladd, Maranda English - Windjammers [email protected]  26211
Liggett, Trent Assistant Principal/ Athletic Director [email protected]  26323

Litton, Donna

Math - Race Cars

[email protected]

Martin, Jeff
[email protected]
Media Center      26422
Meridian Health      26255
Miller, Carol Language Arts Enrichment [email protected]  26201

Mullins, Joan

Guidance Secretary

[email protected]

Munchel, Brian
Physical Education - 7th Grade 
[email protected]  26154

Munson, Nina

Head Cook

[email protected]

Newton, Cindy Media Specialist
[email protected]  26422
Peck, Sandra
Language Arts - Race Cars
[email protected]
Porter, Lindsey Sp.Ed. Teacher, Diamonds [email protected]  26203
Prifogle, Christina ISS Assistant [email protected]   26113

Reeve, David

Industrial Technology - 8th Grade

[email protected]

Roberts, Cindy
Guidance Counselor [email protected]  26326
Rose, Bettina Language Arts - Eagles [email protected]   26309
Roth, Greg Social Studies - Eagles [email protected]  26315
Schwab, Cindy Instructional Aide [email protected]  26210

Skillman, Jill

Health - 8th Grade 

[email protected]


Smejkal, Victoria

Guidance Counselor

[email protected]


Smith, Bertie

Sp.Ed.Teacher, Windjammers

[email protected]

Steinard, Brandy  Health Assistant [email protected]  26223

Stevens, Doug

Extended Day Coordinator/ISS

[email protected]

Stoner, Steve Science - Eagles [email protected]  26314
Veeneman, Megan 
Special Education Teacher, Eagles
[email protected]  26313
Way, David Technology [email protected]  27002
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