Positive Behavior Intervention & Support
School-Wide Initiative


The three main areas of the building that form our focus are the classroom, hallways, and cafeteria. The following matrix delineates the desired behaviors the staff will teach and reinforce.

Respectful Responsible Ready to Learn
Classroom * Actively listen and follow directions.
* Raise hand and wait to be recognized before speaking.
* Acknowledge others’ space and property.
* Complete and turn in assignments and homework on time.
* Stay focused on instruction or work.
* Return Media Center materials in a timely manner.
* Be accountable for your actions.
* Have all supplies and materials ready when class begins.
* Be on time.
* Follow classroom procedures.
Hallway *Use appropriate tone, volume, and language.
*Hands and feet to yourself.
* Use Appropriate stairs.
* Stay to the right.
* Appropriate use of your own locker.
* Be accountable for your actions.
* Go directly to destination.
* Obtain necessary materials for class.
 Cafeteria  * Be considerate of cafeteria workers and others.
* Use good manners.
* Keep hands and feet to self.
* Use appropriate language and voice level.

* Be willing to help others.
* Clean up your table and the area around your table.
* Notify custodian of any spills.
* Sanitize hands prior and after eating.
* Return to original seat after getting food.

* Go directly to cafeteria from classroom.
* Have money and ID ready.
* Follow cafeteria procedures.


PBIS is a research-based combination of practices that creates a positive school climate in which students can achieve behavioral and academic success.  Students learn appropriate behaviors through instruction, practice, feedback and encouragement. With consistency in behavior expectations, students learn that there are both consequences and rewards for their choices. (brm.abss.k12.nc.us)


Students will receive positive reinforcement, recognition, and "tickets" when they display positive behaviors.

On Fridays, tickets may be redeemed at the bookstore for school supplies, spirit-wear, and special privileges.

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Classroom and Hallway Signs:
Respectful             Responsible             Ready to Learn            Spartan Speak

Matrix (Revised 8/2011)

Respectful, Responsible, and Ready to Learn

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Beth Denham, principal; Tony Elleman, assistant principal, Victoria Smejkal, counselor; Cindy Newton, media specialist; Jill Carmony, staff; Carol Irrgang, staff; Lynne Smith, staff; Sue Hovermale, staff; Emily Whittaker, special education; Kim Sherck, special education; and Sandy Isaac, support staff