Only staff members may add, edit, or delete events. See Mrs. Newton or an administrator for the log in. (Hint: It is the same as the computer calendar.)

When adding or editing an event, please add the following information on the date of use:
Step 1. Log in. (See the "log in" at the bottom left of this page.)

Step 2. Add Event. The  name of the "event" will be:

  • Name of the event
  • AND team or staff member's last name
Example: Field Trip and Lunch Walk - Diamonds

Step 3. In the Notes box, add the following: 
  • Where the event is being held
  • Add periods of use or  periods out of building
Whitewater Career Center and area restaurants
Periods 1 - 6

Step 4. Check the "all day event" box.

Step 5. Click on "Update" and log out.

*** To change or delete a reservation, click on the event and choose "edit". (You will have to be logged in.) ***