Only staff members may add, edit, or delete events. See Mrs. Newton or an administrator for the log in.

When adding or editing an event, please add the following information on the date of use:
Step 1. Log in. (See the "log in" at the bottom left of this page.)

Step 2. Add Event. The  name of the "event" will be:

  • Name of the event
  • AND team or staff member's last name
Example: Field Trip and Lunch Walk - Diamonds

Step 3. In the Notes box, add the following: 
  • Where the event is being held
  • Add periods of use or  periods out of building
Whitewater Career Center and area restaurants
Periods 1 - 6

Step 4. Check the "all day event" box.

Step 5. Click on "Update" and log out.

*** To change or delete a reservation, click on the event and choose "edit". (You will have to be logged in.) ***